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Bridgewater Garden Supplies.


We’re hands-on people specialising in farming and the science of agronomy. We grow crops, we cultivate and manage soils, we specialise in the science of soils and crops. That’s why we’re now extending our specialist knowledge to amateur gardeners and horticulturalists. Our mission is to make the full range of professional fertilisers available to people who love their gardens and allotments.


With decades of experience, Rob, Ben and Jo supply garden fertilisers from the highest quality sources. Working from our traditional family farm in Lancashire, we can supply whatever you need – countrywide. We supply the full range of fertilisers, biostimulants and fertility-builders available. We supply natural and organic products loved by gardeners as well as the highly technical fertilisers used by professional farmers and growers. Our products are 100% fertiliser – no fillers, no junk and nothing nasty. With our knowledge of soil nutrition, horticulture and our supply links, we can source all types of fertilisers used, both past and present.


Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. Whether you want a beautiful lawn, a stunning flower bed or magnificent fruit and vegetables, we’ve got the fertilisers that you need. From grass to geraniums and hostas to hedges, we’ve got it covered. If you can’t find what you want, let us know and we’ll see if we can stock it for you.

Spring Gardening Tips


Early spring is the ideal time to test the ph of your lawn, veg plots and flower beds. Lift the ph of your soil with our Soluble Lime or Lime Granules or drop the ph for acid-loving plants and shrubs with our Sulphur Chips or Ericaceous Soil Improver.


Spring is a great time to liven up your flower beds and borders. We’d suggest using Dried Blood and Bonemeal to provide a slow season-long release of nutrients – perfect if you’re a grower who prefers to use natural organic products.


For those of you who like to look after your lawn, it’s time to start thinking about a feed programme for the new season. Whether you’re after a quick or a controlled release, our new range of high-quality lawn fertilisers has something for everyone. For early to mid-spring take a look at our Spring Lawn Booster or Professional Lawn Feed, and as things start to warm up, consider our Universal Spring and Summer Lawn Feed which provides a controlled release of nutrients over a 3-month period.


Herbaceous types such as Lilies and Dahlias that have big leafy tops and lots flowers respond well to nitrogen and potash. Our ‘Grow-Max 3-in-1 chloride-free’ NPK fertiliser (12-11-18) would be the ideal product to meet these nutritional requirements. 0r, if you prefer the natural approach, try using our Dried blood and Natural Potash products in combination.


Considered providing your fruit trees and bushes with a big boost? Our Potash, Max, is ideal for promoting flower development and quality fruit. Add a little (35g/m2) every six weeks from March-July and reap the rewards in August, September and October.


Most vegetables require a certain level of nutrition from the soil to achieve their growth potential. Our Veg Max Extra fertiliser is a unique blend of all six primary and secondary nutrients and has been designed to be used in most garden vegetables growing situations. Give it a go, and let us know what you think.

Spring Products

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