Why Use Bonemeal in Your Garden?

bonemeal in use in garden

Why Should You Use Bonemeal in Your Garden?


Phosphorus source

Phosphorus is a key nutrient that is essential to any garden. Root growth is stimulated by phosphorus. Our bonemeal is a bonemeal ash fertiliser, meaning it is purer source of phosphorus, at 21%, than competition whose products average at around 7%.

Potash Source

Potash helps with formation of flower buds, by improving the quality and colour of the flower. It also aids in fruit development

Calcium Source

Calcium plays an important role in structuring the walls of plants and ensuring that they will remain sturdy. Calcium is also key in improving water penetration in your garden.

Bonemeal is an Organic product

Bonemeal is a product derived from animal matter making it an organic fertiliser. Organic fertilisers such as our bonemeal improve the structure of soil and its ability to hold nutrients and water. This will make your plants healthy and strong over time. Bonemeal is also an environmentally friendly, sustainable and renewable product that has little risk of damaging your plants.

Bonemeal contains many Trace Elements

Trace elements found in our bonemeal ensure that your plants have all the nutrients they need in the soil such as Magnesium, Sodium and Sulphur. This leads to stronger growth and higher yields for edible plants.

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Bone Meal is sometimes reffered to as bone ash, If you’d like to know more about Bone ash Click Here

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