Compost Maker & Accelerator


  • Recycle your garden waste – use grass cuttings, unused vegetables, egg-shells, weeds, leaves and any other similar products
  • Nutritional – balances carbon rich composts and provides the extra nutrients and nitrogen that natural making compost making microbes require to aid quick rotting and composting
  • Easy to use


Our magic Compost Maker & Accelerator to make richer compost.

Recycle your garden and kitchen waste materials to quickly create richer, nutritional compost. Our compost maker when added to materials such as grass cuttings, leaves, weeds, vegetable matter and egg-shells will create a solution richer in nitrogen and other essential nutrients. Perfect for your garden.

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Detailed Application Advice

Apply to compost heaps in stages as you add fresh material throughout the year.  ‘Compost Activator’ balances carbon-rich composts and provides the extra nutrients that natural compost-making microbes require.
Add approx. 50 gm ‘compost activator’ for each fresh (15 litre) bucket of fine compost / trimmings.


Dusty Product. Do not inhale, protect eyes and wear gloves.
Natural material also contains bone-meal and ash
This product is non-toxic.



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